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What We Do

  We are a team of composers with experience in many areas of the music. We want to use our experience to offer services to help composers in Film Tv, & Games, Concert Music, Contemporary/Commercial and Musical Theatre ranging from Engraving, Music Preparation to Orchestration, Arranging and Mock-Ups/Demos. Click below to see our genre specific services!

Our Ethos

"For Composers, by composers"

    We are a team of composer and music creators dedicated to helping other creators in their endeavours. As creators and performers ourselves, we have an intimate knowledge of the needs our profession and we strive to put that knowledge in the service of those who need it. We are efficient, dedicated, reliable and above all, we maintain complete and utter respect for the works that are entrusted to us.

Our Team


Shaun Chen

Composer, Co-Director & Lead Editor

Shaun Chen is a Malaysian Composer and Conductor based in Los Angeles with a passion for story telling and his craft. His experience as a composer and orchestrator informs his fine skills as engraver.

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Eunike Tanzil_Headshot.jpg

Eunike Tanzil

Composer & Editor

Eunike Tanzil is an eclectic composer from Indonesia whose creativity in writing in both film and contemporary classical music is indeed unique.

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Pedro Osuna

Composer & Editor

Pedro Osuna is a prolific Composer from Spain who has worked on numerous big budget productions as composer & orchestrator in Spain, China and Hollywood.

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Tommaso Annoni

Composer & Editor

Tommaso Annonni is an Italian Film and Video Composer, and Sound Designer based in Los Angeles. 

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General Contact Email:


Shaun Chen,

Director & Lead Editor

+1 213-820-5858